Brad Broadway Community Road To Glory Series Goes Live

The First Episode of the Brad Broadway Road To Glory Series for NCAA 11 has gone live on my youtube channel tonight.  Check it out here…

This series is being based heavily on suggestions from YOU the viewer.  It was determined by the viewers that this character would be the younger brother of Joe Broadway, my fictitious MLB 2K10 “My Player” Series Character that already has seen 10 episodes posted on Machinima Sports.  Brad Broadway will fight his way through the Illinois State High School Football Playoff with the hopes of landing a Full Ride Scholarship to the College of His Choice.

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2 Responses to Brad Broadway Community Road To Glory Series Goes Live

  1. Nate Kent says:

    go to army or air force

  2. Hughes says:

    Hello Brad, this is the Boston College player recruitment rep. I would like to introduce you to the positives that are BC. First and maybe most important, BC is known for it’s academic prestige which will certainly help you with football ajd later in life if you do not go to the NFL. That brings up another positive about BC and that is both the Professional factory and TV face time that comes along with our college. Joining the Eagles will provide you with a huge opportunity to go to the NFL and be well known in your sport that will definately not come with other smaller colleges like Aubern and EMU. But, I don’t get paid to persway you, I’m just here to talk and that’s what I’ve done. I personally just want whats best for all the recruits, especially you Brad. I hope you make a good decision and nice meeting you,
    Karl Hughes

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