Welcome to nadasfan’s blog

Welcome to nadasfan’s blog.  I felt this would be the easiest way to update everyone of what is going on with my video making for my youtube channel as well as for Machinima Sports.  Feel free to leave comments.

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7 Responses to Welcome to nadasfan’s blog

  1. Reed Bakich says:

    Hey nice Nadasfan. I like seeing that you have got a blog. This is a good way to keep all your video news published and advertised. I orginally got into your channel through the Joe Broadway videos like many others. But I have really gotten hooked on a lot of your other videos like the NCAA ones which I enjoy because I have the game as well. I hope you will also keep up with your Golden Gopher Dynasty because I enjoy it a lot. Interested to get involved witht the Brad Broadway series as well. Also are you still doing Ask Nadasfan?

  2. nadasfan says:

    Yeah I will definitely continue the Ask nadasfan series. I have to gather all my questions and start taping for that. That series is pretty intensive in the amount of video overlays and graphics I use, so it takes a while to put together. Also it usually calls for a wide range of gameplay clips, usually from many games. Thanks for watching the videos Reed, and for being the first ever to post a comment on the blog! Have a good one.


  3. Reed Bakich says:

    Thank you Nadasfan and keep up the great work!

  4. Nick W says:

    Nice site!!!!!

  5. Nate Kent says:

    Nadasfan please have him go to army it dose not suck as bad as EM check out my other comments on ur blog under every catogory are u also still doing the Twin Cities Tech dynasty ?

  6. Daniel Stofko says:

    For road to glory I went to my favorite team Notre Dame and I am a QB. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THE VIDEOS.

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