Brad Broadway wins a High School Title, now where will he go?

Episode 3 of the Brad Broadway Road To Glory Series is live…

So here is the deal, I have to add commentary to Episode 4 this afternoon after work.  Once I do that, process and upload the video, etc. It will become more clear as to just how YOU can affect Brad’s decision of where to play his college ball.  Thank you for continuing to follow the series, and things are just starting to heat up now!

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17 Responses to Brad Broadway wins a High School Title, now where will he go?

  1. Reed Bakich says:

    How do you call for the ball as a receiver?

  2. Nick W says:

    He should def go to Miami. There is no better place to go to college than in florida. U also have a legit chance to be a championship contender. Miami has a good football team.

  3. Nate Kent says:

    He should go to another school than Miami because there are so many road to glorys where the guy go’s to miami make his go to LSU or Air Force they pass all the time so Brad can get some good stats

  4. Nick says:

    He should go to miami

  5. Joshua says:

    Florida State…do a school that hasn’t been done on youtube like Miami has done with a lot of people

  6. Fred says:

    He should go to Air Force

  7. Doug says:

    He should really should go to Air Force cause it is a football team that passes like um every play and Miami and all the other florida teams run like every play so shut the hell up about florida.

  8. Nate Kent says:

    He should go to LSU because they play in a major conforence so they can get to big bowl games easily.

  9. Nate Kent says:

    But he should go to Air Force to

  10. Sean says:

    pick Cincinnati because you will be 7th string and I want to see you go up to becoming a starter.

  11. Cal says:

    I want you to chose Cal Berkley. And my name is Cal so don’t think i want you to do it because of that

  12. Joe M says:

    I think he should go to Alabama. The reason is that hes going to be a starter for the top team and thats a great place to start.

  13. Nate Kent says:

    @ Joe M Alabama is a running team so Brad would not be used that much

  14. ... says:

    How about Oregon or Bama beacuse they would be easy to go to the bowl games with(Alabama isn’t a paasing team though,like Nate said).LOL if the San Fransisco Dons are in the game he should go there. Then go to the 49ers.

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