NCAA looking into possible recruiting violations involving Brad Broadway

Breaking news… 

Of course our Road To Glory series couldn’t get off the ground without a little controversy.  A confidential source in the NCAA offices has brought to our attention a case of possible recruiting violations involving our favorite High School Football Player Brad Broadway.  Apparently the investigation centers around the University of Eastern Michigan and their methods of recruiting the standout Wide Reciever from Chicago, Illinois.  While no official evidence has turned up in the case, a source close to Broadway was quoted as saying “Something just doesn’t smell right around here.  You would expect these kind of actions from the big powerhouse schools, but Eastern Michigan?  Come on!”  University officials were unavailable for comment at this time. 

It is unclear how this will affect Brad Broadway’s eligibilty for next season, or if Eastern Michigan will be on the hook for any NCAA sanctions. 

Stay tuned for updates on this and other aspects of Brad Broadway’s decision on where he will play his college ball.

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7 Responses to NCAA looking into possible recruiting violations involving Brad Broadway

  1. Nick says:

    Please do not play at Eastern Michigan!!!! That would be no fun!!!!

  2. Nate Kent says:


  3. Nate Kent says:

    And they are better than some other teams check out my other comments by goin to the 3 votes page on this channal as well as where will he go now

  4. Jay says:

    There’s something weird about this Eastern Michigan… I call SHINANAGAINS! But please don’t play for them.

  5. Shawn says:

    well i would rather have him go to eastern michigan than bama cmon dont got to a powerhouse even if the people vote for it cause thats no fun

  6. Anonymous says:

    EMU violations?

    Well they never get to bowl games anyway!

  7. ps2dude13 says:

    i dont get why you didnt just go to michigan

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